Elephants herald the NaturVision Festival.
The winners of 2012 have set up life size photographs of their film
Filmmaker and photographer Klaus Reisinger (right) is committed to the elephants. Nine photographs of elephants from Burma, Thailand and Sri Lanka have been set up in Ludwigsburg Schiller square yesterday. Information panels detail their biographies.

STUTTGARTER ZEITUNG Saturday July 13th, 2013 / Nr. 160
Pachyderms point the way to the Nature Film Festival
The animal and environmental film festival NaturVision will be held in Ludwigsburg next week. The elephants are already there - at least on large photo walls that have been set up on Schiller Square yesterday.

PROPHOTO »be careful« - Umweltfotofestival »horizonte zingst« 25. Mai bis 2. Juni 2013 Open-Air-Installation | Jordanstraße
Elefanten – Überleben in XXL
Wenn Besucher über die Jordanstraße zum Kunsthallenhotel »Vier Jahreszeiten« fahren, werden sie von einer Elefantenherde in Originalgröße begleitet. Der in Paris lebende Fotograf und Filmemacher Klaus Reisinger hat diese beeindruckenden Dokumente geschaffen. Auch dieser Teil der Bildpräsentation steht unter dem Motto »be careful«, mit dem auf Bedrohungsszenarien in der Tierwelt aufmerksam gemacht werden soll.

«The Hunter», «The Cove» e «Life Size Memories» foram alguns dos filmes exibidos no certame.
'The Hunter', 'The Cove' and 'Life Size Memories "were some of the films shown at the Madeira Film festival.

NaturVision crowns its champions
"The NaturVision Grand Prix goes to "Life Size Memories" by Klaus Reisinger and Frederique Lengaigne. The impressively photographed documentary from Austria is concerned with the fate of domesticated elephants in Asia. The jury's statement reads: "Picture rhythm, original sound and music match perfectly, the commentary is limited to the extreme: discreet but effective - the viewer feels drawn deeper into the film with each new image. The way Klaus Reisinger and Frederique Lengaigne let us witness the plight of Asian elephants is at the same time depressing and fascinating."

MYANMAR TIMES - AUG. 13 - 19, 2012
“The film is an effort to show elephants from their point of view. To show what it is to be an elephant. ‘In True Colours’ means how they really are, not how we, humans, see them,” Mr Reisinger told The Myanmar Times in an email interview.

The NaturalVision festival awards were presented Saturday to the winners at the Caligari cinema in Ludwigsburg. Prizes were awarded in several categories, including a special prize of the city.
... The Grand Prix was awarded to "LIFE SIZE MEMORIES" by Klaus Reisinger and Frederique Lengaigne. The directors of this remarkably filmed Austrian documentary were interested in the plight of domesticated elephants in Asia

DER STANDARD - June 2, 2012 - article by Martin Balluch
"...The film LifeSize Memories does not moralize . It also does not document the fate of elephants according to objective criteria. Rather, it lets the elephants speak for themselves, shows their situation, the contradictions embedded in real life, from the standpoint of the people as well as that of the animals concerned. We are not spared from forming our own opinion."

"Breathtaking close up images when the camera focuses on the soft eyes of the giants and let us sense for an instant their elephantine soul."

KURIER - MAY 24, 2012
"The most moving elephant film in film history.",life-size-memories
Klaus Reisinger's radio interview on May 24, 2012

...Reisinger explains in the film very little about the background, the meaning and use of the elephant but rather leave the animals speak for themselves. He took more than 150 portraits - amazing photographs. Inspired by Edward Curtis, he wanted to give back some dignity to the elephants.
Klaus Reisinger's film "Life Size Memories" is a visually stunning documentary.

ORF A.VISO Klaus Reisinger's interview on ORF2 at 09:05 on May 20 2012
"Life Size Memories": Elephants close-up - documentary co-financed by ORF.

For four years, former war photographers Klaus Reisinger and Frederique Lengaigne have been following elephants in Burma, India, Thailand and Sri Lanka. They bring us life-size photographs of the animals, and the documentary "Life Size Memories" - unusual portraits of elephants and their biographies that are rooted in the cultural, economic, and religious traditions of their region of origin.

NEWS Magazin Austria MAY 2012
The Last of Their Kind.

Nature filmmakers Frederique Lengaigne and Klaus Reisinger portrait elephants in Burma and show us a world which does not exist any longer anywhere else in Asia.

FREIZEIT - KURIER May 19, 2012

Elephants in some regards are even more intelligent than apes. They have a life expectancy that is similar to ours, their memories and experiences reflect in the nature of their being, in their wrinkled faces and in their eyes. This is what Reisinger originally wanted to capture in large-format photographic portraits - the fact that it has also become a film is a fortunate coincidence.
article by Andreas Russ-Bovelino

SKIP Das Kinomagazin

Beast of burden, tourist attraction, status symbol and object of worship: How do cultures and traditions influence the fate of domesticated and wild elephants throughout Southeast Asia?

Theatrical release: Mai 25 2012 in Austria

...The Experiment is a success.

The images of Life Size Memories come across: sometimes indescribably brutal when the spirit of the animal is broken to use them as slave labor, or if they are abused as status symbols in a different way in Kerala, India. To generate empathy for the vulnerable giant is the goal of the filmmakers. It should serve as a base for respect and protection.
After all, maybe movies can make the world a better place.

Text: Dina Maestrelli
link to magazine: YOUR LINK TO THE ART IN METRO DC.
Friday, March 23, 2012 AT 07:00 pm
Presented by the Environmental Film Festival in the Nation's Capital.
Two photojournalists bring a large format camera to Southeast Asia to portray Asian elephants living in captivity and to record their biographies. Ten years earlier, in 1999, they spent months in a logging camp in a mountain range of western Burma. They return to the same camp to find out whether the elephants they had filmed back in 1999 are still there. After Burma, the photographers travel in three other Asian countries to determine how different cultures influence the fate of the animals and their future. Directed and written by Klaus Reisinger and Frederique Lengaigne. Welcome by H. Emerson Blake, Editor-in-Chief, Orion magazine. Introduced by environmental historian Dr. Kate Christen.

MISSOULIAN - October 21, 2011 - Filmmaker debuts Elephant Documentary at Missoula Festival, by Joe Nickell of the Missoulian.
The way that humans treat animals speaks as much to our cultural values as it does to the characteristics of the animals themselves. In the case of our treatment of elephants, filmmaker Klaus Reisinger believes the animals can speak for themselves.
That's the guiding philosophy behind "Life Size Memories," a two-hour documentary that received its world premiere screening Friday - and which will be screened again on Saturday and Sunday - at the CINE Film Festival in Missoula.
Shot and edited over the course of four years, "Life Size Memories" explores the lives of individual captive elephants in Burma, Thailand, India and Sri Lanka.

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POLKA MAGAZINE # 14 Septembre / Octobre 2011
En 1997, Klaus Reisinger se tourne vers la vidéo et monte sa propre société de production, Compass Films, avec Frédérique Lengaigne. Son travail s’oriente vers le documentaire, notamment pour le National Geographic. Les relations entre l’Homme, la nature et les animaux prennent le dessus sur la guerre. Un long-métrage intitulé « Life Size Memories », sur les éléphants d’Asie, est prévu pour la fin de l’année 2011.
Mais le 11 septembre 2001, le destin réveille son premier instinct de photoreporter : il se trouve à New York le jour des attentats et suivra les recherches de trois pompiers à travers les ruines du World Trade Center, quelques minutes à peine après l’impact des avions. Une série qui lui a valu le Grand Prix du Festival du Scoop d’Angers.

KLAUS REISINGER wurde 1971 in Wien geboren und arbeite zehn Jahre als Kriegsfotograf. Seit 1998 produzierte er vier Dokumentarfilme mit National Geographic über die Beziehungen zwischen Menschen und wilden Tieren, LIFE SIZE MEMORIES, ein Film über Einzelschicksale von Elefanten in Asien, erscheint im Herbst 2011.